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Nitin Gupta

EMail: <nitingupta910 AT gmail DOT com>

My Blog

Things I'm currently working on...

Compressed Caching for Linux 2.6.x kernels (Project Home Page)

This project was part of Google Summer of Code '06 Program :)

(Mentor: RikvanRiel, Org: Fedora)

From the past...

  • CIFS VFS: Patch for CIFS VFS module(Linux kernel 2.6.8) that improves network file copy performance from server(CIFS) by 10-15%. Sends multiple read requests to server in parallel instead of sending one request and wait for its response before sending next request as is done currently. This is done by starting multiple threads with each one fetching data at different file offsets.

  • Implemented Multi-threaded client-server program using Nokia CIMD protocol: This project involved implementing multi-threaded server with the CIMD protocol to handle large no. of clients simultaneosly. It was developed on Linux platform using g++. POSIX thread library was used for multi-threading.

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