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I am keeping my TODO list here, so I won't forget:

  • Spamikaze

    • Integrate DNS query counting software

    • Implement the spam/non-spam ratio counting code

    • Figure out the best way to automatically build a whitelist

  • LinuxMM

    • make sure Larry's fix to the rotate_reclaimable logic gets upstream, it can really hurt very large systems

    • Push the non-resident and /proc/refault code upstream

      • Build utilities to analyze /proc/refault and do something useful with the result

      • Write USENIX/OSDI/... paper about refaults

    • Further tune the swap token logic in the kernel

    • When in laptop mode, do not sync atime updates to disk

    • Play with Marcelo's PageTrace patches

    • Finish implementing my ClockProApproximation

    • Forward port and tweak Nikita's markov chaining readahead code

  • MoinMoin

    • Add wiki editable navigation bar, gives MoinMoin some CMS functionality but without losing the wiki nature. (DONE! yay!)

  • Xen

    • Better CPU state reporting

    • Implement Xen at home, separating out all functionality into virtual servers


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