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  • AdvancedPageReplacement - brainstorming on how to implement advanced page replacement algorithms in Linux.

  • NetworkStorageDeadlock - storage over network has a deadlock problem on most operating systems, we should implement a fix.

  • SwapTokenTuning - the current implementation of the swap token logic is essentially a proof of concept; there is a lot of room for improvement.

  • CompressedCaching - Reduce I/O by keeping more data in memory. This project has kernel modules available some interesting performance numbers...

  • PageTrace - a kernel patch and tool to analyze memory access patterns.

  • VmTrace - updating the pagetrace patch to 2.6-git along with some post-processing utilities.

  • MMResearch - links to MM related research topics

  • SwapPrefetch - Swap Prefetching

  • HugePages - Improving the availability and usability of huge pages

  • AshMem - Anonymous SHared Memory - originally an Android facility to allow more reclaim opportunities in swapless systems.

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