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The header on each page allows you to go to the FrontPage (home), RecentChanges (recent modifications), FindPage (the search page) and HelpContents (main help page).

On the page FindPage you will find:

  • Title search

  • Full-text search

  • Links to:

On line below and on the bottom of each page you find links for the most often used functions:

  • "Show Parent"
    jumps to the parent page, and is only shown if you are on a subpage (see HelpOnEditing/SubPages)

  • "Subscribe"/"Unsubscribe" allows to subscribe or unsubscribe to email notifications for the current page.

  • "Edit" allows you to edit the page

  • "Get Info" shows meta information about the page, especially the full version history

  • "Show Changes" shows changes between the current version and the previous version of the page

  • "More actions:" contains the following common functions:

    • "Show Raw Text" shows the source code of the current page.

    • "Show Print View" shows a printable version of the page without the header or footer.

    • Any custom actions you have installed.

    • <!> Add more here.

Clicking on the Page Title link located in the header above will show every page that references this page. A sample use of this back-referencing, inverted-links feature is the categorisation of pages, i.e. CategoryHomepage.

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