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www.Linux-mm.org is a wiki for documenting how memory management works and for coordinating new memory management development projects. Please help editing this wiki. Thank you.


  • LinuxMMDocumentation contains information on how to tweak the Linux kernel memory management subsystem.

  • LinuxMMInternals explains how some of the Linux kernel memory management works.


To subscribe to the linux-mm mailing list, email majordomo@kvack.org and tell it you want to "subscribe linux-mm".

If you like IRC, you can join us on irc.oftc.net in #mm.

You can also discuss things on the Kernelnewbies Memory Management web forum.


Some of the more active current Linux memory management projects are:

  • CompressedCaching - Reduce I/O by keeping more data in memory.

  • AdvancedPageReplacement The time needed to swap a single program into memory is ever increasing, so page replacement is becoming more and more important.

  • NetworkStorageDeadlock - storage over network has a deadlock problem, where it can take memory to free memory.

  • PageTrace - a kernel patch and tool to analyze memory access patterns.

  • HugePages - Improving the availability and usability of huge pages

  • Superpages - Port of Rice University's Superpages to Linux (2.6 kernel).

Site News

  • 2006-04-09, thanks to Maureen Duffy, Linux-MM now has a cute logo. Thank you, Maureen.

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