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维基教程/简介/000 维基是什么?

What is a Wiki?

  • a technology for collaborative creation of internet and intranet pages

  • Wiki-Wiki is hawaiian and means fast


  • Fast - fast editing, communicating and easy to learn

  • Open - everybody may read and edit everything

  • Uncomplicated - everything works in a standard browser

  • Easy - no HTML knowledge necessary, simply formatted text

  • Simple - Content over Form (content counts, not the super-pretty appearance)

  • Secure - every change is archived, nothing gets lost

  • Interlinked - Links between pages are easy to make

  • Flexible

    • Personal Information Management, Knowledgebases, Brainstorming

    • Collaboration, Coordination and Communication platform

    • Creating documentation and slide shows ;)

    • etc...

For details see HelpForBeginners.

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